About me.

I'm a Brit living and working in Munich as a Professional Ballerina. I’m a self-taught hobbyist photographer and painter, with the dream of becoming an internationally projected Artist in the future.
My work predominantly focuses on portraiture and self-portraiture. My models are predominantly dancers as I love the way they can shape their bodies and pose in unusual ways which helps me create the unique portrait photography I desire. The setting, positioning, and costuming seen in my photography is determined and often clearly reminiscent of the Dutch Golden Age. The images often favour the warm honey colours suggestive of the renaissance or the cool blues often favoured by artists of that era.
Last year I was busy working on a “Ballerina Collection”. The collection is a tribute to what I spent my life thus far perfecting, and is also a celebration of ballet as an art form. Covid-19 hit ballerinas and stage artists very hard, I’ve tried to turn that suffering into something special with this small portfolio, I hope its special enough to diminish those sad times and memories of when our theatres were closed, audiences cancelled, and ballerinas were unemployed. I hope to spread the word and beauty of ballet once again through this photography collection.